Did you know that deaf people are already at their best when they have their hearing aid?

Did you know that they can naturally improve their hearing ability through practice?

Did you know that deaf students from Philippine Institute of The Deaf can also enjoy our slides and pools just like you?

At Aqua Planet, we always say, ANYONE can enjoy anything #watermazing!

Want to have fun? There should be no excuses.

This is what our deaf students from Philippine Institute of The Deaf did last 20 October 2019.

No one and nothing stopped them from enjoying Aqua Planet the whole day!
In fact, they even played parlor games, danced their hearts out, and eat lots of yummy Aqua Planet meals!

And we’re so happy to see them happy!
Just look at the photos!

Entitled ‘A Silent Heartbeat for Watermazing Fun’, this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activity was made possible by Rakso Travel, one of Aqua Planet’s General Service Agent (GSA) partners.

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